Maintenance and service

Group Company «Teplodar» offers services for maintenance and exploitation of boiler houses. You can sign a contract with us for maintenance of your boiler room with a fixed monthly payment, which depends on the capacity of the boiler and its remoteness.

The cost of the work includes a monthly check of chemical water treatment, systems automatics of safety and regulation of the boiler house, operability metering unit of gas, metering unit of heat, pumps and other equipment. And also, in case of emergency, urgent departure of experts at any time for troubleshooting in the boiler house (emergency with burner, does not run burner or pump; break of pipe, etc…

You can also enter into a contract for the operation of boiler house, and if you do not want a permanent presence of staff in it, install a system of dispatching, that allows you to control the parameters of the boiler room directly from your computer!

In addition, you can for a fee make connection of the boiler house to our dispatch system, our staff will be able to follow the work of your boiler room around the clock  and inform you about the any emergency  (for details see «Products and Services»).

                                                                  Our services & prices

1. Maintenance of boiler house and equipment From 500 USD per month
(depending from the distance, schedule and scope of work performed.
For boiler house with power 3 MW and higher, cost is calculated individually).
The frequency of visits from 1 to 4 times per month.
2. Operation of the boiler house From 1000 USD per month
(depending from the distance, schedule and scope of work performed.
For boiler house with power 3 MW and higher, cost is calculated individually).
3. Installation of dispatch system to boiler house From 2000 USD
4. Connecting the boiler house to our dispatch system 250-300 USD per month

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Since 2011, our company is engaged in the operation and maintenance of boiler houses, our staff verified by:
• Implementation of the operation of thermal power plants and heating networks (certification D.2.1.);
• labor safety;
• The maintenance and repair of gas pipelines and gas equipment with the admission to the conduct of gas works;
• Requirements of industrial safety at the facilities of gas distribution and gas consumption (B.7.1.);
• Basis of industrial safety (A.1.);
• General industrial safety requirements established by federal laws and other normative legal acts of the Russian Federation (A);
• Exploitation of chimney and ventilation of industrial tubes (B.8.20);
• Conduct gas hazardous work on gasified enterprises;
• Chemical water treatment;
• Conservation of serviceable condition and safe operation of steam and hot water boilers (B.8.14);
• Conservation serviceable condition and safe operation of steam and hot water pipelines (B.8.17.);
• Welders certified by the National Agency NAKS;
• Requirements of industrial safety for equipment, working under pressure for safe operation of steam and hot water boilers. (B.8.1);
• Operation of system of the gas-distribution and gas-consumption (B.7.4);
• Implementation of the construction, reconstruction and overhaul objects of gas distribution and consumption. (B.7.7.);

Our clients in last year:
• State budget institution of Krasnodar Territory «Multi sports complex» (Basket-Hall Ice Palace) — boiler house with power 22 mW with three boilers VIESSMANN.
• Children’s Regional Clinical Hospital GBUZ DKKB, Krasnodar city — boiler house with capacity 10 MW, equipped with three gas boilers «WOLF».
• «Interagrosistemy» LTD, juice producer «VICO» Belorechensk city, steam boiler house 14 t / h, 2 boilers LOOS (Austria).
• Adygei Maikop National Stadium. Water boiler house 4.4. MW, boilers ELLPREX (Italy).
• Ministry of Interior of Armavir, steam-water boiler house 9MVt.
• Adygeya State University Maykop. Water boiler house 2.8 MW, 3 boilers VIESSMANN (Germany).

Questions??? Call us and we will be happy to answer questions and help you solve your problems!

Group Company «Teplodar»: «Teplodar» LTD + 7-8772-57-51-95, «Exergy» LTD + 7-8772-57-57-59.