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Our company is the leader on the Russian market for the production, maintenance and exploitation of boiler houses, services for automation and connection boiler house to disputching system.

                     The main profile of our company:
• designing of stationary and block-modular boiler rooms ranging from 100 kW to 20 MW;
• construction and commissioning of «turnkey» boiler-houses on gaseous and liquid fuels;
• manufacture of automatic boiler houses with remote control via dispatching systems;
• designing and manufacture of central heating units, individual heating stations automated, internal heating systems, water supply and sanitation;
• we consult the customer, informing him about the pros and cons of all technical solutions, which used in the manufacture of the boiler house and the organization of its work;
• we can make training your staff, or you can sign a contract with us to service your boiler house.


 Block-modular boiler house — it is mobile boiler plant with full operational readiness, intended for heating, ventilation and hot water supply for industrial, housing and social facilities. All technological equipment is placed in the block factory made. The body of the boiler plant metallic, warm insulation, fireproof.
 Boilers also can be on the frame for installation in an existing building.
 The level of automation ensures uninterrupted operation of all the equipment without the constant presence of the operator on duty. Automation provides the facility for the temperature chart, depending on weather conditions. In the event of gas leaks or deviation of values of the controlled parameters, security system to prevent accidents automatically shuts off the gas.
 Overall dimensions and construction principle of boiler house do provide for the possibility their transportation by road and rail. Block-modular design provides the ability to simple construction of boiler house in a wide range of capacities.
 In the boiler rooms are installed telemetry systems for build of distributed network of mini-boiler houses, controlled from a single control point.
 In more detail to get acquainted with our manufactured block-modular boiler houses, please visit Block-modular boiler house 

Boilers SteamEx are steel steam generators with a cooled reversible furnace, which operates under pressure. Boilers can work on both liquid and gaseous fuels. The steam generators of this model have a modern design and high efficiency, and also meet world standards. Boilers have flat tube boards with a large depth of the weld at the joint of the board / housing. Some models of boilers are equipped with expansion joints, which strengthen the structure, as well as extinguish the expansion during boiler operation. Minimum losses of heat to the environment through the walls of the boiler are provided by using high-density mineral wool to insulate the boiler body.
3D Exchanger — excellent quality, low price. 
For the calculation of the plate heat exchanger, go to the page Heat Exchanger
equipments Block-modular and stationary boiler houses have a wide range of equipment. Depending of the task and customer requirements, we use different versions of boilers and equipment both world and domestic production. We use the equipment only of the highest quality. Top global brands, such as Unical, Ellpreh, LOOS, Viessmann, Rendamax, Baxi, Buderus — are our long-term partners.
Familiarize yourself with our boilers and equipment for them on the page
 Boiler house equipments and boilers
money-saving-ideas The price of products and installation is always individual and depends from the capacity of the boiler house, from its hardware configuration and network length of heat, water, gas, electricity), also depend from the rate of US dollar against the national currency.
Contact us and our experts will tell you in detail about the proposed equipment and services, answer all your questions and provide you with professional advice.
Our Group Company offer services on automation of boiler houses and connect them to the dispatching system.
Automating meant automatic control by equipment, which will minimize the human factor in its work and to arrange correct functioning boiler house without constant human presence.
Also, our company offers services for connecting objects to our dispatching system. This ensures to you round the clock monitoring for work of boiler room and rapid response to emergency situations in its work by experienced personnel and experts in the field of maintenance and adjustment of the equipment.
All necessary information for the automation and control you can see on the page Automation and Dispatching
1 We can provide you with more information about the prices, if you fill out the form. Our engineers and experts will make a detailed calculation and will contact you in the shortest time.

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