Installation of boiler house turnkey

The policy of our company — the construction of the boiler house «turnkey», ie from the foundation to conduct pre-commissioning and to subsequent commissioning. Also the preparation of documents for commissioning for relevant regulatory authorities.

The price of installation is always individual and depends from the capacity of the boiler, from its hardware configuration and length of networks of heat, water, gas, electricity.
Installation time: 1-3 months.

              The installation work includes:
• Producing of foundation under boiler and chimney-stack.
• Producing of a block-modular boiler house
• Delivery and assembly of the boiler’s modules in place.
• Installation of chimney-stack.
• Installation of external networks of heat, water, gas, electricity and sewage systems.
• Preparation of documents for obtaining a permit for the creation of connection pipeline to main gas tube.
• Preparation of documents for obtaining a permit for commissioning from the relevant regulatory authorities.
• Conduction of pre-commissioning.
• Commissioning of boiler room and thermal networks into operation to the relevant regulatory authorities.

Contact us
and get detailed advice and calculation of the cost of the boiler house: + 7-8772-57-57-59

All work is done by our employees and without involving subcontractors.

We would also like to note that the construction, installation and commissioning of the boiler house it is the decision only 80% of all issues. About 20% it is the most boring work on the preparation of documentation for the commissioning boiler house for many relevant regulatory authorities. But it is  set of documents, registration of which requires experience and qualifications.

The cost of the boiler house and installation work and commissioning:
• for determine the exact cost, requires project.
• for determine the estimated cost, we (and you) need to know the power of boiler house, where it will be located on the master-plan and length of external networks warm water, gas and electricity and sewage.

In any case, call, send an email, our staff will answer you any questions.