Our History

Group Company «Teplodar» LTD was founded in 1993 by Mr Dmitry A. Krivosheya.
Initially, its membership consisted just 4 people. The founder of company combined in one person: director, technician and a driver of his company. Also in addition to it, worked 3 people: welder Leonid Kramorov, fitter Edward and chief accountant Nina Barbashina.
But all documentation and organizational work also was provided by the company’s founder (alternately changing paper and pen to the assembly tool).

Primal specialization of our company was the construction and commissioning of metering units of heat, and a little later the company began also make laying of heating system and hot water supply inside residential and public buildings.

The first measurer of heat energy was installed by «Exergy» in 1993 in the building of «Promsvyaz» company . With the passage of time, after increasing the amount of work, accordingly, was increased the composition of the staff of the company. Soon appeared a own accounting, departments of designing and adjustment, and firm «Exergy» had start for acquisition own office with a workshop for the production installation.

Since 2002, the company produces installation and adjustment of individual heating units and boiler houses. In 2003, «Exergy» company build the first in the Republic of Adygea boiler house with the automatic mode, without a permanent human presence. In it managed to organize joint work of Russian and foreign equipments. In the boiler house was installed boilers ZIOSAB 1250 with capacity 750 kW, the German burner Giersch, the automatics of control of boilers of brand Viessman and russian pumps LINAS. Also on this object was used weather-compensated regulation of the flow of heat transfer fluid. This solution has allowed to create more favorable conditions for human and save heat consumption and it all was first used in Adygea by us.

At 2003, the company «Exergy» won the competition by European program TACIS in section of pilot projects: our company has built individual heating units with weather control in six residential buildings.

Our operations are not limited only for south of Russia, but also in some cities on north. For example, in Vologda city, we built individual heat point for the furniture factory «Progress», which used an unusual technology developed by Odessa Scientific-production company «Transsound.» On this heat point was installed jet steam heaters as the heat exchange elements, the structure of which, allows produce direct mixing of steam and water in large amounts — up to 100 t / h. with very compact size of this equipment..

In addition to commercial activities, Group Company «Exergy» engaged in social projects. We provide constant assistance for secondary school №3, Maykop city. In 2015, in the gym of this school was restored ventilation and made repairs for equipments. In 2011, our company has helped to the administrations of Goncharka village, Giaginsky area. Boiler house with cost 5,400,000 rubles was built by us without design changes with a much smaller sum — 3,350,000 rubles, because local administration simply did not have such finance. Boiler room is working so far, and the heat from it goes into many houses of quiet village Goncharka.

After this long way, «Exergy» company is composed of 69 employees, has its own area with office buildings and workshop for production and installation of boiler plants. At this time also we build a new plant for the production of a variety of mounting work.
At the moment, in the Republic of Adygea and Krasnodar region, we built dozens of boiler houses, corresponding to international standards of reliability and quality, also operated more than 40 boiler houses. And it is not the limit for us. In the future we plan to expand the production volume of boiler rooms and bring warmth to people in other regions.