Heat accounting unit

Any boiler room for calculating its economic efficiency should have a node for calculating the flow of the coolant, whether it is steam or water.
The Group company «Teplodar» can design, produce, installation and adjustment of the heat transfer unit.


Depending on the complexity of the heat scheme, the metering unit can include flow control for one, two or three pipelines, and also take into account the flow of the cold water, the temperature and the pressure of the coolant.
Standard composition of the node:
• flow meter. The number of counters depends on the thermal scheme of the node. The type of the counter (mechanical (turbine), vortex, Coriolis or electromagnetic) is determined by the characteristics of the medium being measured and the requirements of the Customer.
• coolant temperature sensors. The quantity is determined by the heat circuit.
• pressure sensors for the medium to be measured. The quantity is determined by the heat circuit.
• heat quantity calculator. This device collects all information from the measuring devices, leads them to normal conditions and calculates the generated heat. The calculator also maintains an archive of readings from all instruments for several months or years, depending on its model and manufacturer.

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