Automation and dispatching

Our Group Company offer services for automation of boiler house and connecting it to the dispatching system. Automation or automatic control of equipments, will minimize the human factor in its work and to arrange correct functioning without constant human presence.

          We can produce:

• replacement of safety automation;
• installation systems of control for temperature of heat agent with weather-compensated correction;
• touch panel of control of the boiler room, which will greatly facilitate its operation, because all the information about the state of the system will be collected on a single device with intuitive software environment;
• installation of programmable logic controllers with the possibility of remote control through dispatching; 
Dispatching of boiler house — it is organization remote control of operating parameters of the object via system Scada. 
For organization of control for multiple objects enough one workplace of dispatcher. 
To create a complex, must be installed the technical base on the boiler house, which includes:
• Programmable logic controller with LCD touch monitor (PLC)
• Modules of expansion I / O PLC (if needed)
• The modem with an antenna (the respondent modem)
• The modem with an antenna (the polling modem); purchased once for all objects)
• Two Sim-cards (each new object requires only one new Sim-card)

All devices are installed in a special shield, that meets the technical regulations.
The software base include package Scada- system (MasterScada), as well as the working program for the PLC.
After installation of necessary equipments, we will create mimic diagram (schematic display of the boiler room, which shows the installed boilers, burners, pumps, and the status of its work, as well as the parameters of the heat agent in each tube), where is displays the full set of required information in computer of workplace of dispatcher, which may be in other, geographically remote from the boiler house location.

Also, our Group Company offers services of connection objects to our system of dispatching. It ensures round the clock monitoring of the work and rapid response to emergency situations in its work by experienced personnel and experts in the field of maintenance and adjustment of the equipment.Everything you need for dispatching system, you can order in our company!

                                       Prices for these services:
1. Creating system of dispatching for boiler-house:  from 2000 USD
2. Connection the boiler house to our dispatching system:  250-300 USD per month

Installation of the equipment can be carried out independently in accordance with the instructions or use the services of our experts.

Call us and we will tell you in detail about the services offered and used equipment, we will answer all your questions and provide you with professional advice!

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