Our companies produce complex of work for the design of stationary, modular boiler houses and their modernization. Prices depends from technical specifications of the customer, as well as the length of external networks of water, heat, gas, electricity and sewage.

Approximate prices:

Design of block-modular boiler house (fuel: Natural gas) From 16.000 USD
Designing of stationary boiler house (fuel: Natural gas, fuel oil) From 20.000 USD

Term of designing vary from 1.5 to 2 months.

Please contact us and we will tell you in detail about the offered services!

Group of companies «Teplodar»:  «Teplodar»LTD: + 7-8772-57-51-95.  «Exergy»LTD: + 7-8772-57-57-59.

At the end of the work, the customer receives the project, composed of sections which required for passage state examination and expertise of industrial safety, it including also:
• Explanatory note;
• Architectural design: constructive and space-planning decisions;
• Architectural solutions: chimney-stack ;
• Information on engineering equipment, network engineering and technical support, list of engineering activities, the content of technical solutions;
• Electro power supply system;
• Heating and ventilation;
• thermal mechanical solutions;
• Security and fire alarm systems;
• Automation;
• Gas supply system: the inner gas equipment;
• Gas supply system: the automation of gas supply;