Construction and reconstruction

Group Company «Teplodar» offers our services for the construction and renovation / modernization of block-modular and stationary boiler houses.

                              Prices for producible work: 
Construction of stationary boiler house (fuel — natural gas, fuel oil, power 300-600 kW and higher) From 70.000 USD
Construction of block-modular boiler house From 50.000 USD
Installation of block-modular boiler house (fuel — natural gas) From 16.000 USD
The price of these types of work is always individual and depends from the capacity of the boiler house, from its hardware configuration and network length of heat, water, gas, electricity.

          The reconstruction or modernization may include:
• Replacement: boilers; burners; pumps or shut-off valves;
• Installation of membrane tanks; automatic chemical water treatment system;
• Replacement of safety automation;
• installation of system for the regulation of the flow temperature with weather-correction;
• Automation based on programmable logic controllers with the possibility of remote control through dispatching;
• by desired of customer, can be set the touch control panel of the boiler house.

The terms of these works: 2-3 calendar months.

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Before the start of construction and installation works, we are developing the project, which consists of sections, required for the passage of state examination and expertise of industrial safety, including:
• explanatory note;
• architectural-construction solutions: design and space-planning decisions;
• architectural solutions: chimney;
• information about engineering equipment, network engineering and technical support, the list of engineering activities, maintenance of technical solutions;
• system of electric power supply;
• heating and ventilation;
• thermal mechanical solutions;
• security, fire alarm;
• automation;
• the gas supply system: the inner gas equipment;
• the gas supply system: the automation of gas supply.
• production of foundation under boiler house and chimney-stack;
• manufacture of block-modular boiler room;
• delivery and assembly of the boiler units at the place;
• installation of the chimney;
• installation of external networks of heat, water, gas, electricity and sewage;
• preparation of documents for permission to connect with main pipeline of relevant regulatory authorities;
• preparation of documents for permission to commissioning of relevant regulatory authorities;
• conduction pre-commissioning.
• the project;
• permission for permanent operation boiler house;
• documents necessary for putting the boiler house to relevant regulatory authorities.

After approval of the project, we start construction and installation work.

After the completion of construction work going commissioning of boiler house and thermal networks into operation to the relevant regulatory authorities.

We would also like to note that the construction, installation and commissioning of the boiler house it is the decision only 80% of all issues. About 20% it is the most boring work on the preparation of documentation for the commissioning boiler house for many relevant regulatory authorities. But it is set of documents, registration of which requires experience and qualifications.

All works are carried by our workers, without involvement of subcontractors. Produced boiler houses we take for servicing or maintenance.
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