Block-modular gas boiler house ‎

Group Company «Teplodar» engaged in the production and installation of automated, block-modular boiler houses (transportable boiler houses) with a capacity from 100 kW to 40 MW, their transportation and commissioning. Boiler house can operate in standalone mode, without a permanent human presence. Control of the operation of the equipment is carried out by automation system and through the organization of supervisory control (dispatching system). Monitoring is carried out by the operator in the workplace, which can locate at the other place, geographically remote from the boiler house. Information about the boiler goes to the computer of operator. 

   Boiler house have the following equipments:
— boilers (their quantity and manufacturer is determined by the the technical requirements of the customer);
— burner;
— chemical water treatment system;
— heat exchangers;
— heating circuit;
— DHW (optional);
— pumps and automatic valves;
— systems of automation and boiler house safety;
— automation and control systems based on programmable logic controllers (PLCs);
— Weather-compensated regulation system, devices of accounting and consumption of fuel and heat transfer agent.Call us and our experts will tell you in detail about the proposed equipment and services, answer all your questions and provide you with professional advice. «Teplodar» LTD + 7-8772-57-51-95. «Exergy» LTD + 7-8772-57-57-59.

The price of the product depends on the capacity of the boiler house and its complete equipment. 

                                              Approximate prices for work on the above products: 
Production of block-modular boiler-house 0.5 MW — from 50.000 USD
1.0 MW — from 75.000 USD
5.0 MW — from 270.000 USD
Installation of block-modular boiler-house (fuel — natural gas) from 13.000 USD
Production of block-modular boiler house is a 1 or 2 calendar months,  possible more earliest possible time.
Installation takes two calendar months. Upon completion of work for production and transportation of the boiler house, customer receives a technical passport of boiler house and  technical documentation for the installed equipments.

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