Boards of dispatching and automation of boiler house

The boiler house is a complex production facility, which requires increased attention and constant monitoring. To facilitate this task allows automation and dispatching the boiler house.


The Group Company «Teplodar» has in its assortment ready-made technical solutions for dispatching and automation of boiler rooms — cabinet panels with fully equipped equipment. For each object such boards are manufactured individually, depending on the type and complexity of the boiler house and differ in the set of automation and the software incorporated in it.
Automation boards allow to control and process management for the processes that take place on the boiler room and stop its operation in emergency situations (stopping the circulation pumps of the coolant, stopping the fuel supply, output of the monitored parameter beyond the permissible limits).
Dispatch boards allow remote control of the boiler room on the dispatcher computer with the help of an operator. The dispatcher computer in the Scada system displays the operation of the equipment, the controlled parameters of the boiler room, as well as emergency situations. Thus, with the help of a dispatch board, you can get a boiler house with a non-permanent presence of a person.

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