About us

Company «Exergy» is a part of the Company Group «TEPLODAR» LTD, works in the field of heat energy saving since 1993.
The company take name from the physical term «exergy» (exergy; from the Greek. Ek, ex — a prefix meaning a high level, and Greek. Ergon — work) — part of the energy is equal to the maximum useful work, which this system can produce. This name was chosen by us is no accident. This term is the best displays basic principles that we follow when we do our job: the rational use of resources to achieve maximum efficiency.
«Exergy» has many years of experience in the field of heat energy saving. Each element of created system, each solution has been repeatedly verified from results of our previous works, and now we have a set of strictly verified and flawless in its reliability of methods and techniques of the organization of work of the boiler house.
However, we are always open for new trends in science and engineering, and we are constantly searching for more effective technical solutions in our area.

All of this allows us to proudly offer our services in:
• the design of stationary and block-modular boiler houses ranging from 100 kW to 20 MW;
• construction, commissioning and release of «turnkey» boiler-houses on gaseous and liquid fuels;
• manufacture of automatic boiler houses, remote control which performed by the dispatching systems;
• central heating stations, individual automated heating stations, domestic systems of heating, water supply and sanitation;
• reconstruction and modernization of boiler-houses;
• dispatching of boiler house; we can also connect your boiler room to our supervisory system;

And, most important about us: we do not spend in vain time and resources of our  customers and do not throw words to the wind!
After all, we are the energy, that gives people warm.
Group company
 «Teplodar», company»Exergy» LTD. Warm for your home.

Organizational structure of Group Company «Exergy»

Pres зам дир lines-12 НИОКР
Мишка lines-12 для ПТО 3
для эксплуатации 3
для сборочного цеха 3
бух 2 one lines-8 для склада 3